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K How does social media relate to Goodwill Social media connects people and businesses to their communities to each other. In todays digitally connected world services like Twitter and Facebook are capturing the minds and hearts of a social generation. Driven by the desire to connect everyone from teens to politicians are tuning in for their daily dose of news education socialization and fun. Businesses have also joined in on the conversation enhancing their traditional efforts to build brand loyalty engage with consumers and even recruit new employees. As an independently-run social enterprise Goodwill serves our community by creating a culture of service innovation and collaboration. It is imperative that Goodwill evolve from the traditional ways of communication thats why a few years ago we started accelerating our use of social media to further share our story. Today we are connected with thousands of people sharing countless stories and messages with our shoppers donors and clients. We continuously communicate our program success stories of helping people prepare for and find work we help people understand what to donate and where to shop for our donated goods we offer volunteer opportunities in our community and we show how public relations events impact our mission. Were proud to be in the business of changing lives and invite you to join in on the conversation. ShowYourGoodwill is a hashtag that our community uses to share Goodwill experiences on social media. We want you to be proud of our Goodwill and your contribution to our mission by posting your selfies and experiences to this hashtag and encouraging your friends and family to do the same. Together we can help more people achieve their employment goals in our community. Dan Kurtenbach President CEO Michael Fox Chairman of the Board GOODWILL SELFIEShowYourGoodwill