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OF WORK AWARDS GRADUATE OF THE YEAR Ashley A Goodwill Success-Childrens Center for Discovery Because Jobs Change Lives My name is Ashley and I have been associated with Goodwill of Monocacy Valley of Frederick Maryland for the past few years. I received my certification in child care and wanted to pursue a job within that field. I felt that I needed to gain experience before I located my dream job and preferred to volunteer at a day care center. Goodwill assisted me in locating a volunteer opportunity at a local child care center to get hands-on experience. While gaining my experience Goodwill assisted me in locating a part-time job at a local restaurant on the weekends. When I felt that I achieved enough experience Goodwill started preparing me to locate paid employment within a day care setting. Goodwill assisted me with writing my resume cover letter and making sure my references were up-to-date. They also helped me in developing my interviewing and job search skills. With the support of Goodwills Business Developer I obtained a job at Childrens Center for Discovery as a teachers assistant. I have been working there since September of 2013. I was thrilled that I finally found my dream job working with children. I quickly received a promotion to teacher for doing so well. With all of my hard work and dedication I have succeeded in following my dreams in becoming a day care teacher.