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2014 COMMUNITY IMPACT 409 6396 6776502 614196 391853 72 7095094 PEOPLE WERE EMPLOYED BY GOODWILL PAYCHECKS ISSUED BY GOODWILL GOODWILL PAID IN TOTAL WAGES FOR EMPLOYEES TRANSACTIONS MADE IN GOODWILL STORES WHICH FUND PROGRAMS THAT PUT PEOPLE TO WORK COMMUNITY PARTNERS HOSTED DONATION COLLECTION SITES POUNDS OF HOUSEHOLD ITEMS DIVERTED FROM LOCAL LANDFILLS DONOR TRANSACTIONS POST POST Give the Gift of a Treasure Hunt Goodwill Gift Cards Now on Sale Just as you have trash and recyclable pick-ups donating is also right at your front door the City of Brunswick Citizens diverted over 21770 pounds in 2014 GoodwillAtYourDoor Goodwill At Your Door is a unique program for neighborhoods and homeowner associations to donate unwanted items on a monthly basis to your local Goodwill via a pick-up service.