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There are certain events that imprint on our minds getting our drivers license graduating at any educational level moving for the first time as an adult viewing a particularly emotional movie starting our first job. For some who are overly anxious about the normal events in their lives it can be difficult when everywhere they look theres a new sight to take in new people to meet and even a new industry to learn. Each event we experience in life starts with a seed being planted. Starting my work career over sixty years ago on a farm in central Nebraska I am keenly aware of the importance of preparing the soil planting the seed nurturing the plant cultivating the weeds relying on nature and harvesting the seed. When I was seven years old following supper I walked a half mile into the dark and cool spring evening to the sound of a tractor and plow operated by my father. He was taking the first steps to prepare the ground for planting corn later that month. As he made the turn at the end of the field the headlights of the tractor struck my small image and Dad stopped to pick me up and place me on the seat in front of him and off we went down the field. Over sixty years have passed since that event yet the preparation planting and harvesting of seeds has been a part of my life since. Seeds were planted as I was educated made friends started my forty five year marriage with Theresa raised our sons and worked in the social service field. Over the past thirty six years I have been a part of a team of dedicated farmers who have planted thousands of seeds and influenced the harvest of thousands of people. The staff has carefully prepared the seedbed using their educational and experiential skills. They have nourished the seed and keep the weeds from harming it. They have cheered when harvest time came. This annual report talks about the planting nurturing and harvesting of hundreds of seeds during 2015. Please take a few minutes to read the stories and know that just as a farmer must annually prepare the ground for new seeds the Goodwill staff continues to plant seeds daily. Dan Kurtenbach President CEO Mike McMullin Chairman of the Board of Directors DONT JUDGE EACH DAY BY THE HARVEST YOU REAP BUT BY THE SEEDS THAT YOU PLANT. Robert Louis Stevenson