It was just one year ago that our Board of Directors made the selection of a new President and CEO for your Goodwill® – Goodwill Industries of the Monocacy Valley, (GIMV) serving the counties of Frederick and Carroll in the state of Maryland. Having accepted the leadership role for such an iconic global brand–one making social impact in local communities for over 100 years–is truly a privilege and a highlight of my career. Representing your Goodwill and our collective impact in the lives of those who receive services from GIMV, is awe-inspiring. Most of you know Goodwill through our retail stores. Your first line of engagement is often times your experience as a donor or as a shopper of Goodwill and your generosity should never be taken for granted. When I assumed my role as President and CEO on July 5, 2016, we set into action to transform your Goodwill into all that it can and should be for this community. What exactly is that? It is a thriving social enterprise comprised of employees at all levels of the organization committed to the idea of service. From donor appreciation, to customer service in our stores, to our program services offered through a lens of compassion, perseverance and commitment, our aim is to create an amazing experience no matter your touch point to Goodwill. We face many challenges as we work toward achieving that amazing Goodwill experience, but the results of our efforts are beginning to show. Our stores are in the process of being refreshed through our “Look What I Found® ” campaign. We also continue to be recognized in the social services sector as a “go to” provider of services to those in need of employment and employment transitional services in the community. This annual report represents what we have accomplished in 2016. We will build an even stronger and more impactful social enterprise serving your communities in 2017 and beyond. If you are looking for a great value in our stores; a good steward of your donations; or a life- transforming event of opportunity, independence or pride through our services, then your Goodwill, Goodwill Industries of the Monocacy Valley, is the place for you to find the “Look What I Found” experience. Michael H. Meyer President & CEO Mike McMullin 2016 Chair, GIMV Board of Directors