® OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY ORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY GUIDANCE INDEPENDENCE INDEPENDENCE ENDENCE INDEPENDENCE INDEPENDENCE independence independence independence independence opportunity opportunity opportunity opportunity opportunity HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE OPE HOPE OPE HOPE HOPE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE JOB-TRAINING JOB-TRAINING JOB-TRAINING pride pride pride pride pride pride DIGNITY DIGNITY DIGNITY GNITY OPPO OPPO IN- H GU HO p DIG JOB-TRAINING DIGNITY For four years, Andrew Sweeney worked as a silverware roller and kitchen prepper at a restaurant in Eldersburg, MD. While Andrew enjoyed his job, he was eager to expand his work experience beyond food service. In November 2015, Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley connected Andrew with Rachuba Group, a real estate management company. He started volunteering as an office assistant in the company’s Piney Ridge Apartment complex to gain work experience outside of the food industry. By May 2016, the company was so impressed by Andrew’s professionalism and dependability as a volunteer, they offered him a paid full-time position as an administrative office assistant. Andrew happily accepted the position at Piney Ridge and over the past year, has mastered various office tasks such as filing, copying, and mailing. He also assists with computer tasks by creating flyers and event pages, processing invoices, updating maintenance work orders and generating routine notices for residents. Rachuba Group is very supportive of Andrew. Once Andrew masters a skill, they challenge him to go beyond his comfort zone and try something new—such as giving potential residents tours of the apartment complex. Andrew is always challenging himself as well. He has expanded his knowledge of rental property management by attending fair housing training and discrimination training. He has also voluntarily taken Microsoft Excel classes and a Photoshop course to support his office work. hope opportunity SUPPORT SUPPORT 2016 The Power of Work Awards GRADUATE OF THE YEAR Andrew Sweeney