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    How can I donate usable goods to Goodwill®?

    Drop off the items at any of our donation locations. Your donations are tax deductible (if you itemize) and will help us help people in Frederick and Carroll Counties overcome challenges to employment.

    What happens to my donated items?

    Incoming items are sorted by Goodwill employees. Items that are in good used condition are offered for sale at one of our five retail stores. The revenue from items sold goes back into job training for people with disabilities and other challenges to employment in Frederick and Carroll Counties. Items that cannot be sold are recycled.

    Why doesn’t Goodwill accept certain items?

    We cannot recycle all items and we have to pay to dispose of items we cannot sell at a cost of over $1.00 per pound. This takes away from funds that we would normally use to provide employment services for people with disabilities and challenges to employment.

    Who shops at Goodwill retail stores?

    Goodwill stores are open to anyone looking for quality merchandise at low prices. Some people shop at Goodwill out of necessity, but others visit on a regular basis in search of treasures. You’ll never know when you’ll find an antique or a great piece of furniture that can be repainted or restored to match your décor or any other item of interest.

    Why do you charge for donated items?

    We use the profits from our retail stores to support job training programs for people with disabilities and disadvantaging conditions in Frederick and Carroll Counties, Maryland. In addition, Goodwill incurs many expenses, such as salaries and benefits, utility bills, gasoline and vehicle maintenance, while transporting, sorting and selling the donated items. Click here for more details.

    What is your return policy?

    Because our items are donated, we are unable to offer returns after the item has left the store.

    Is Goodwill a business or a charity?

    Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley is a charity that runs a business. Goodwill is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that funds its social service programs primarily through money generated from its donated goods business. On average, 74% of Goodwill’s revenue is generated from retail.

    Does Goodwill charge for its services?

    Goodwill employment services are offered free of charge to individuals with disabilities and challenges to employment who do not qualify for funding from any government source. However, Goodwill asks that any individual who may qualify for government funding for our services to apply for that funding.

    Are the people who work at Goodwill volunteers?

    No, the people who work at Goodwill’s stores and donation centers are employees.

    How can my business or organization partner with Goodwill?

    Goodwill partners with area businesses and organizations that provide job placement and work with our job coaches to help employees recruited through Goodwill succeed. A key way in which businesses and other organizations can partner with us is to help sponsor donations drives in their local communities. Partners also provide job development programs and customized training services to their Goodwill-placed employees. In addition, businesses and organizations can contract with Goodwill for custodial services. To learn more about these programs, please contact our Mission Services Department at 301-662-0622.