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7 Awesome Things To Do For Mother’s Day (Crafts Included!)  

May 1, 2022

At Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, we recommend celebrating our mothers every day of 2022 — not just on Mother’s Day, celebrated this year on May 8. Officially recognized by the United States government in 1914, Mother’s Day as a national holiday evolved from a simple celebration for mothers conceived by a daughter from West Virginia. Over 100 years later, Mother’s Day continues to be a day to celebrate all things maternal.

On Mother’s Day, many people present mothers and other women in their lives with gifts or flowers. According to market research, over 83% of consumers plan on spending an average of $220 on Mother’s Day. However, it isn’t always necessary to spend loads of money to make our mothers feel special. Read on for seven awesome things to do for Mother’s Day this year.

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1. Give Your Mom the Day Off From Cooking

One way to make our mothers feel special is to give them the day off from the kitchen. Most likely, your mom is in there every night preparing a hot meal for the family — sometimes after an entire day at the office, sometimes after an entire day of watching kids. No matter how your mom occupies her day, a day off from kitchen duties is a welcome surprise!

Start with breakfast in bed. Visit your local bakery for a special treat, or keep it simple with toast and jam on a pretty plate or tray. Put your mom’s coffee or tea into her favorite mug. Buy or make a flower to accompany the meal. Don’t have anything that would work to make the meal look a little more special? Goodwill is a fantastic place to find unique kitchen items and serving pieces.

What if your mom doesn’t like breakfast? Make a reservation for Mother’s Day brunch, take your mom out to dinner or order in to make her feel special and give her a well-deserved day off from the kitchen.

2. Set Up a Fun Mother’s Day-themed Scavenger Hunt

Build special memories and strengthen family bonds by transforming the backyard of the house into a fun scavenger hunt for your mom. Creating a scavenger hunt does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money.

The hunt doesn’t even have to end with a prize or present. Use clever clues and end with a hug or a coupon book of things you are willing to do to help your mom out around the house.

To begin, start with a particular place or list of locations for hiding objects. Make a list of things that your mom needs to find, ask for, or even photograph.

If the weather is nice, get outside! Think about your mom here — make the scavenger hunt centered around your mom’s interests. The best thing about scavenger hunts is that they can be played both with individuals and with teams.

3. Thrift a Gift for Your Mom

Surprise your mom with ingenuity when it comes to gift-giving. We recommend thrift shopping for old picture frames, mirrors, vases or even collectibles. One person’s trash really is another person’s treasure. Decorate, paint and bedazzle your thrifted goodies for your mom. Put a picture of yourself or the grandkids inside a thrifted frame painted with tiny handprints on the border.

An easy way to let our moms know that we care is to buy them something that they will use or love, even if that means it was loved by someone else before. You’ll save money in the process.

4. Complete a Craft Together

Spending time with your mom while doing something unique is an excellent way to spend Mother’s Day. Think about how nice it would be to set up a craft station using thrifted items from Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley.

Paint an old flower pot, make a quilt from fabric scraps, try painting over an old canvas or even sew patches on a pair of thrifted jeans. Children of all ages can get involved when crafting is on the table.

5. Clean the House for Your Mom

Another way to celebrate your mom is to take on some of her everyday responsibilities. Surprise her by vacuuming the house, cleaning the bathrooms, tidying up the living room or even organizing the garage. A little bit of effort goes a long way here. Most moms appreciate gifts of service, and cleaning the house is one of the easiest and most visible things we can do!

6. Clean Your Mom’s Car

Does your mom spend a lot of time driving back and forth to work, taking kids to practice, picking up things at the store and other places? If so, it is likely that the interior and exterior of her car often get neglected. What better way to show your mom how much love you have for her than to clean her car! 

Take your mom’s car through the car wash, wash it in the driveway or hire someone to detail the car while she is at work. There is nothing quite like that nice clean car smell!

7. Have a Mother’s Day Photo Shoot

Most moms end up behind the camera rather than in front of the camera. Thrill your mom with an impromptu Mother’s Day photo shoot. Put her in front of the camera. Take pictures of your parents, of mom and kids, and your mom by herself. Take it up a notch by repurposing a thrifted picture frame. She will love that she is actually in some photos for once!

Get Creative at Your Local Goodwill

This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun things to do for Mother’s Day. Take a walk around Goodwill and use your imagination. No matter what, your mom will love being celebrated on Mother’s Day!

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