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DIY: Bleach-Dyed T-shirt

April 13, 2018

Group of Bleach dyed shirts on hangers

DIY Bleach Dyed T-Shirt

Vintage t-shirts have always been a timeless treasure, but here’s a way for you to kick it up a notch and breathe new, sustainable life into them.

Transform your favorite vintage tee (or find one here) into an art piece that is uniquely your own with this easy, no-fail, DIY bleaching method with just a few simple steps and common household items.

Bleach dying shirt demo

Gather your supplies and set up shop in a well ventilated area – it’s time to get creative! First, pour your bleach (we used basic Clorox Bleach) into your spray bottle and secure the top. Now, it’s time for the fun! The amount of splatter you want on your masterpiece depends on the distance of the bottle to the t-shirt (more splatter = more space). Have fun with this, you really can’t go wrong! The color will get lighter as time goes by so be patient. You can see your end result within as little as an hour, but you will get an idea of where and how your piece will turn out within minutes of the bleach application.

Bleach dying shirt demo

Another method you can use for the DIY bleach-dye effect is using the bleach cap method.  This method is messy, but totally worth it! To accomplish this effect, just pour your bleach into the cap of the bleach bottle and throw it on your t-shirt! You can be as tactful or as carefree as you want with this effect. Want to use both methods? Go for it! You were born to be wild.

Bleach dying shirt demo

Now it’s time to wait…remember your results will not completely process for about an hour. Be patient, grab your favorite pouch of Capri Sun, and rock out to your favorite throwback jams – your epic creation will be ready soon! When it’s done and to your liking, throw it in the wash on a normal cycle and air dry. Now, you are ready to rock and roll!

Be sure to tag @GoodwillMV in your DIY photos with the hashtag #GoodwillMV. You can find vintage tees and more online by visiting shopgoodwill.com/GIMV.