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    Supported Employment

    Goodwill® Industries of Monocacy Valley, Inc. offers the following services to any individual with funding from the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and/or Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) who reside within Frederick and Carroll Counties:

    Person-Centered Planning

    Develop a unique plan based on individuals interests. This includes discovery of strengths and abilities resulting in a Positive Personal Profile and an Employment Plan.

    Discovery Process

    Goodwill staff will use a variety of discovery options to obtain useful information to help the job seeker become employed.  These options include but are not limited to: One-on-one interview; observation in a group/classroom setting; observation completing tasks; interview family and friends; and observations in the community.  This information will be used by Goodwill’s case management staff to develop a Marketing Script.  This script will be used by Goodwill’s Business Developer to target appropriate businesses that match the skills of the job seeker.

    Job Development, Placement and Retention (JDPR) Program

    Assist individuals who require support with resumes, on-line applications, job search and retention. Life skills/job readiness training/ work experience available for individuals with little or no work experience.

    Microsoft Office Computer Classes

    Instructor driven computer classes are designed to increase skills in Microsoft Word and Excel. An Introduction to Computers class is also available for beginners.

    Job Coaching

    Provides on-the-job coaching to ensure that the employed individual understands, and can perform, his or her job duties to the employer’s satisfaction. Note: This service is limited to 90 days unless funded by DDA for long-term services.

    Family and Individual Support Services

    Provides community access in a social, educational, recreational, and/or vocational setting to individuals with developmental disabilities.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of jobs do people get when we help them find work?

    People receiving employment services work in various industries based on their interests and skills sets.

    What will I need to do to get a job?

    You will need to show up on time to the program when scheduled, fully participate in job readiness activities and be open to learning new things about yourself and the types of jobs available to you.

    When I get a job, will I receive any services?

    Staff will continue to support you at the job site as needed to help you complete your job tasks to the employer’s satisfaction.

    If I receive services on the job, what will they be?

    Staff will assist in training you on all tasks assigned to you by your supervisor, as well as help you to learn new job tasks, handle workplace conflicts, establish relationships with new supervisors/co-workers and develop customer service skills.

    For more information about this service,  please contact Marilyn Herbert at (301) 662-0622 ext. 205 or email .