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    “I really enjoy what I do and I have made many friends.”-Lew.

    I came to Goodwill as a DORS client to get assistance with finding a job. I used to work at Giant Food Store at several locations, but working there was not ideal for me. My brother was a manager at one of the stores I worked at and my family really wanted me to work there. At first, I wasn’t really motivated to find a new job. I was spending a lot of my time at home, playing video games. With the assistance of Goodwill, I learned job skills while they helped me to find something new.

    During the time of my job search, my dad was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He helped me out a lot and every time he came with me to Goodwill, he would tell everyone, “When I get better, I am going to volunteer at Goodwill.” At first, my parents really wanted me to work in a supermarket, like Giant, because they felt that it was a supportive environment and that it was a job that I could do for a long time and maybe advance in. After talking to Goodwill, I started to open up to the possibility of doing other work. We finally talked my parents into supporting me to apply for a job at the Commissary at Fort Detrick.

    I had a really good interview with my supervisor, Todd. We were talking about sports and he and I really got along. I was hired for a stocking position and someone from Goodwill helped me until I learned to do the job on my own. Soon after I started to work, my father passed away. My boss Todd was really supportive of me during this time and helped me get through it.

    Today, I am an independent worker and am doing really well on my job. I really enjoy what I do and I have made many friends. In addition to working on a job that I love and earning good money, I am happy to be achieving other goals. As a bonus, I have lost almost 30 pounds since becoming so active at my job. I am happy with my success and have a really good support system. My mom is proud and my father would be proud too. More importantly, I am proud of myself.



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