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    Patrick Leasure sits perched atop a $65,000 floor scrubber, carefully maneuvering between the pallets of merchandise bound for destinations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. He’s all business, ensuring he keeps an eye out for any inattentive co-worker who may wander into the path of the behemoth he’s been tasked with keeping on course. This is his job … and he’s good at it.

    Hired by Costco in June of 2014, Patrick’s entry-level position at the Distribution Center in Monrovia was initially that of a “Sweeper,” an apt title for position responsible with sweeping out recently emptied trailers, prior to them being re-loaded and sent to one of Costco’s many retail locations. It is the most simple (and mundane) of jobs in the Distribution Center’s Maintenance Department, but a necessary one …and Patrick took it seriously. He quickly demonstrated that he was ready to accept additional responsibilities and, within a few weeks, was moving full pallets with a pallet jack.

    His initiative was apparent with his supervisors and the management team at the Distribution Center and within two months of being hired, Patrick was being trained on one of the floor scrubbing machines.

    He enjoys his job and is focused and thorough.  Patrick is well-liked at work and looks forward to taking on additional responsibilities, including operating the larger, battery-operated pallet jack …. And perhaps even a fork lift.


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