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    Rachel & Sean

    High school sweet hearts, Rachael and Sean came together to Goodwill as transitioning youth looking to build a foundation for their future and reach their dream of living independently. While at Goodwill the two gained valuable skills, both professionally and personally as they matured into early adulthood. That knowledge supported them along their journey and helped each gain employment.

    When Rachael first entered Goodwill’s program she was an incredibly shy young woman and her self-confidence lacked because of it. Goodwill’s staff worked to improve her social skills and increase her confidence by setting up volunteer opportunities for her to meet new people and enrolled her into a curriculum that helped her with soft skills.  As she overcame those obstacles, she worked for a Goodwill retail store in the production area for a few years to gain work experience.  With her experience at Goodwill, she was able to find a part-time job working at Marshall’s; further building her resume while exploring different career opportunities in the process.

    Sean came into the program already employed at a local grocery store near his parent’s house. When he moved to Frederick, he applied for an open position in the janitorial division at Fort Detrick and received a job offer! Due to his strong work ethic, he quickly worked his way up, gaining additional work responsibilities and was promoted to a high paying position in the Floor Maintenance division.

    Rachel witnessed how happy Sean was working at Fort Detrick and decided that she too wanted to work in the janitorial division on the base. After expressing her employment goal to Goodwill staff, she waited for a position to open; when it did, Rachel had no problem during the interview. With steady well-paying jobs the two are well on their way to achieving their goal of independence.

    With the help of Goodwill’s certified benefits counselor, the couple took advantage of a new benefits counseling program offered by Goodwill which helps educate people with disabilities on how their benefits and social security may change when they obtain community employment. The program not only allows for a deeper understanding on how their benefits work but addresses fears associated with the change and links individuals to additional programs and services that are available.

    Through a partnership between Service Coordination and Goodwill,  the couple took advantage of a new program identified by Goodwill’s Benefits Counselor and was able to qualify for a special loan for people with disabilities.  The two nonprofits worked together to help Rachael and Sean qualify for a special loan specifically  for people with disabilities and worked with a local realtor to help make their dreams come true.

    We are proud to share that Rachael and Sean will be going to settlement before the holidays to purchase their new home!


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