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    Tommy graduated from High School with few prospects for employment aside from helping in the family real estate business and doing some lawn care. Following a referral to Goodwill®, Tommy participated in the Steps to Success program to identify his transferable skills, job development, soft skills, the interviewing process and job retention.

    Tommy’s real interest was to work with animals; however his difficulty with organization, maintaining attention, beginning and completing tasks and low cognitive functioning moved his case manager to work with him to identify the skills he did have and new employment opportunities in other fields. His case manager helped him build his self- confidence, and make eye contact when he was answering questions and communicating with people. He is very sociable and loves to talk about animals, sports and his family.

    To Tommy’s excitement, Costco was building a depot distribution center not too far from where he lived. He was very interested in applying. He applied on-line for the maintenance position and was called for an interview. Goodwill® provided a few mock interviews and helped him research Costco so that he was ready for the interview.

    Today, Tommy has been with Costco for over a year and everyday he strives to be the best employee he can be. We applaud Tommy for his courage and dedication. He has gained new levels of self confidence, and overcome many obstacles. With Tommy’s great social skills, he has bonded well and has built relationships with his new co-workers. Taking on his new role as a team player, he has learned to work with individuals who were not family members, and he even invited his co-workers to an off-site birthday party for himself. Tommy said  he learned to best: “Be patient, double-check your work, be professional,” at Goodwill®. We can all learn a lesson from Tommy, all we have to do is believe.

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