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    While living in Alabama, Brandon received the news that his estranged mother was terminally ill. After hearing the news, he put whatever he could in a suit case and moved to Frederick, Maryland, to rebuild the relationship and take care of his mother.

    Once in Frederick Brandon struggled to find employment and a permanent place to live, often sleeping on friends couch. After a year of being unable to find a steady job and sleeping on couches one of his friends suggested that he check out Goodwill’s Employment Resource center.

    Our staff worked with Brandon, building his resume, mock interviews, and helping him apply for jobs online. Within a week of coming to Goodwill, Brandon was hired at Wendy’s with an entry level position working six days a week.

    Brandon  is a hard worker and was quickly cross-trained and given more responsibility. When we last met with Brandon we asked how he liked his position he said “I enjoy interacting with customers and meeting new people. I also enjoy being able to help my mom and have money in my pocket that I worked hard for.”

    Update as of October 2013 Brandon has also accepted a position at Toys R Us and is working two jobs.

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