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    What We Do and Why We Do It

    Goodwill is many things. We are a donor-driven agency. We are a retailer. We are a contract services operation and a major recycler of textiles. But most importantly, we are a leader in workforce development services. Through classes, training, and work experience offered at our Employment Resource Centers, people develop the marketable skills they need to obtain and maintain meaningful employment.

    Goodwill transforms donations into jobs and job training for thousands of people in Frederick and Carroll Counties in Maryland each year. At Goodwill, we believe that all people, regardless of situation, should have access to meaningful employment. Each time you donate items to Goodwill or shop in our stores, you are supporting training programs that help people with barriers to employment find jobs and become more self-sufficient.

    Goodwill qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a nonprofit, we take our responsibilities to the public very seriously. Goodwill is consistently ranked among top efficient charities that make your donations go further.

    Our Mission:

    “Creating Hope, Jobs, and Futures in our Community” – This mission is reflected throughout our Goodwill organization – from our senior staff to our retail operations personnel; from members of our board of directors to our job coaches. As we plan for 2014 and beyond, we continue to be guided by the values inherent in our mission

    Our Vision:

    Everyone with challenges who wants to work will have a meaningful job that enhances self-worth

    Our Core Values:

    • Teamwork
    • Innovation
    • Quality
    • Integrity


    Our innovative support services allow people to overcome barriers to full employment and achieve self-sufficiency. Harnessing the power of work empowers independent productive citizens.  Offering a hand up allows the people we serve to maximize their individual potential.


    Building strong communities is at the foundation of Goodwill’s mission. When employers value diverse abilities, everyone can contribute to society in their own way.  We strive to create workplaces where each person is respected for their unique contributions.


    Goodwill stores encourage efficient use of resources.  By recovering the value of usable items we divert millions of pounds from local landfills every year.  Our focus on re-purposing and recycling promotes environmental sustainability and provides green jobs.