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Budget-Friendly New Year’s Eve Dress Ideas

December 14, 2021

New Year’s Eve is an exciting night where you want to look your best. Whether you go out or stay in this year, having a fun outfit can instantly put you in the right frame of mind. Of course, you also have to consider just how much you want to spend for what’s likely to be a one-time wear. At Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, we recommend checking out our inventory for budget-friendly options.

This is the big party night of the year. The chance for you to go all out while getting ready for a fresh start. Because of this, most people will wear their dress once and never again. In other words, it’s a flame that burns bright and then quickly cools. However, there’s no reason why a gently used new year’s dress can’t spark a fire in you. Even if it was discarded one, two, or even 10 years ago, you might be surprised at just how well it fits into the modern era.

Buying used is a way to prevent clothes from ending up in a landfill. It’s a way to breathe new life back into an item that someone else no longer found use for. Rescuing a dress this year and bringing it into the limelight can help you usher in the new year in true style. As a bonus, you can certainly save a bundle at the checkout counter too.

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Voluptuous in Velvet

No matter what body shape you have, whether you’re plus size or hourglass, velvet is a sumptuous fabric that captures the elegance of this special holiday. If you can find a dress in dark red or green, you’ll look right at home at even the most sophisticated party. (It’s also warm enough to handle the chilly nights in Frederick.)

All it takes is the right coat, pumps, and jewelry to complete the look. If you don’t happen to be going somewhere quite so formal, you’re free to dress down your velvet too. Boots, sweaters, or funky necklaces and bracelets can all give velvet a much more casual vibe.

The Classic LBD

Slimming, timeless, and undeniably versatile, the little black dress (LBD) is so appealing that its acronym is well-known to women everywhere. What’s so fun (and cute) about this garment is that you can find so many versions of it and take it in any direction that feels right to you. At Goodwill, you can find different takes on the dress from multiple eras, which can be a fun way to time travel.

If you’re interested in this style, it doesn’t matter what length you choose. You can opt for a floor-length one and pull your hair back into an elegant bun. Or you can go with something shorter with your hair in loose waves and a jean jacket shrugged over your shoulders. Whether you pair this dress with expensive diamonds or a colorful vintage belt, it’s nearly impossible to get it wrong.

Sequins All Around

A New Year’s Eve dress is going to face stiff competition from all the other eye-catchers in the crowd (to say nothing of all the holiday strands strung up everywhere). Sequins are designed to harness all the light in the room and give you a glimmer of all your own. Some dresses are fully sequined for the all-over effect, while others are partially sequined for a hint of glamor.

At Goodwill, you can find everything from jackets to dresses adorned with the magnetic material. So even if you happen to be drawn to the LBD idea, you can still add a sequined top so you can cash in on a little extra attention.

The Daring Look of Leather

Leather for a dress is something of a challenge. It forces people to look at a material once co-opted by bikers in a very different light. Unless you’re going to a motorcycle shindig this year, choosing leather is a risk that can pay off. Pair it with a leather jacket, a faux-fur scarf, or nothing more than a pair of your highest heels. This is an edgy look that can make you feel like a million bucks. If you can find one at Goodwill though, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that much.

Color Your World in a Slip Dress

Colorful slip dresses are simple while still being able to stand out in a crowd. Slinky and minimalist, it’s a great way to look your best without looking like you went too far out of your way to do so. We recommend going with a bolder color, like burnt orange or deep purple. Much like the LBD, there’s plenty you can do with this outfit to make it your own. Anything from expensive bags to clunky jewelry can serve as an accessory to round out your already elegant profile.

The Sultry Backless Dress

Backless dresses can really turn heads, which can be just the ego boost you need for a new year. You’ll feel entirely confident as you breeze through the crowd on your way to the cocktails.

This fashion statement has changed a lot over the years, which can make for a shopping session that you won’t soon forget. From ruffles to bows and everything in between, a backless dress from Goodwill is a unique choice that you can trust no one else will have on that night.

Bring Out Your Creativity

All shopping trips give you the chance to be creative. However, there’s a reason why so many people end up wearing the same outfits on big nights. If you don’t want to show up in the same New Years’ dress that four other people are wearing, you might want to go somewhere without a lot of carbon copies to choose from.

At Goodwill, you can find pieces that speak to you and use them as a base layer for everything else you have in mind. You can wear them as-is and find accessories at Goodwill to match. You can use your current wardrobe to dress them up and highlight your favorite fashions from over the past year. (For instance, donning your favorite summer shades instead of a headband.)

You can also consider hemming the dress, adding sequins to it, or ruching it on your own. Sometimes these show-stoppers just take a little love and attention to ensure they really pop on your figure.

Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley

New Year’s Eve might be just another day, but it stands as a symbol for many. This is the opportunity to look forward to all the good things the future has to bring. No matter what the next year holds in store for you, you’re likely to appreciate it more if you’re wearing a dress that’s as unique as it is affordable. At Goodwill, you’re sure to find a dress that will be every bit as thrilling to doll up as it is to shop for.