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CC Employment Services Center Ribbon Cutting

January 7, 2013


Save the Date- CC Employment Service Grand Opening Westminster, MD— While Westminster’s Goodwill facility has offered assistance to members of the community to find a job since 2003, Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley will unveil their newly remodeled Employment Resource Center when it opens its doors the morning of January 16th.

The Employment Resource Center awards Westminster another solution for citizens with barriers to employment including those with developmental disabilities, according to Cindy Freeman, Director of Workforce Development of Goodwill Monocracy Valley (GoodwillMV). She said “The Center will focus on meeting the hiring needs of local businesses by preparing individual job seekers to work.”  The center offers classes in basic computer skills, resume writing, interviewing skills, and online applications to name a few.


 The Employment Center’s classes will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week from 9-12pm, according to Freeman. New job seekers are to enroll Tuesdays at 9:00am to participate in that week’s classes. She said “The Employment Center’s goal is to teach participants how to find a job using a computer, introduce participants to adhering to a constant work routine and match their skills to jobs available in the community.

“Many of us may take that for granted that once we get a job, we’ll just work.” said Freeman.  We’re also teaching time, self-presentation and anger management skills. Our goal is to help create a better employee. So when people go to work, the chances of maintaining that work are better.”

The newly remodeled Employment Center at the Westminster Goodwill’s Retail Store and Donation Center, enables Goodwill to do what they do best, according to Dan Kurtenbach, President and CEO of GoodwillMV. He said the Westminster location’s three components will complement each other well and empower the location to maximize the quality and effectiveness of services rendered.

“We are fortunate to be paired with a retail store at this location,” said Kurtenbach.

“When is time to go for an interview, one of the great things that we can do at a full-service location is talk about what’s appropriate for an interview. For example, we can go out onto the floor and say: ‘This skirt is inappropriate and this one is acceptable. So it’s real life examples that we can show people.”

The newly remodeled Center will open its doors to the community with a ribbon cutting at 8:00am on Wednesday, January 16th, followed by coffee, donuts and tours of the facility. Job Seekers and Employers are encouraged to join the festivities. Goodwill staff will be onsite all day for registration, information and to provide tours of the facility for those looking to get back to work or gain the skills needed to advance in their careers. Goodwill also encourages employers to speak with the nonprofit’s Business Developer to discuss how Goodwill can help fulfill their employment needs.

“The reason that we’re able to bring these services to your community is faithful donors,” said Kurtenbach. “Thank you to the community for giving to Goodwill and allowing us to expand in Westminster.”

 Recently one of Goodwill of Monocacy Valley’s program graduates was recognized by Goodwill International as the International Goodwill Graduate of the Year and became a spokesperson for the organization. The graduate was also invited to sit on an advisory panel for the White House Council for Displaced Youth.

For more on Goodwill’s Westminster Employment Services Center, visit the organization online at www.GoodwillMV.org/Programs or call 410-857-9993 x 5. You may also visit the facility at 200 Baltimore Blvd in Westminster.