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Easy and Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas  

April 13, 2022

When it comes to home decor, it would be easy to get frustrated with the whole project before you even get started. If you’re working on a limited budget (or just don’t want to spend the money), you might even think that your home will never get the refresh it needs.

Luckily, this isn’t the case. You neither have to be a craft wizard nor a millionaire to spruce up your rooms and show off some of your creativity. At Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, we can tell you that there are plenty of ways to get the decor you’ve always dreamed of, without having to spend an arm and a leg. Use these easy DIY ideas to get started and feel free to build on them and customize them to your individual style.

assortment of golden and silvery art and photo frames isolated on white background

Repurpose Old Picture Frames

Those ancient frames can be whatever you want them to be:

  • Frame-interior shelves: Your storage space just got a lot more interesting with the right-sized frame.
  • Use for keepsakes: Fill in a picture frame with chicken wire and then hang small mementos off it.
  • Make your own serving tray: Whether it’s tea or a vase of fresh flowers, frames make great trays.
  • Save for collectibles: If you can’t afford a custom jewelry case, make one of your own using antique frames. This is a great way to organize your accessories and ensure they’re easy to find.
  • All-season wreath: Hang a picture frame on the outside of the door and then pin seasonal flowers to the edges.
  • Use as a sign: Create your own signs by filling in a picture frame with anything from a motivational saying to directions to the bathroom.

At Goodwill, we are constantly blown away by just how many uses there are for seemingly old items. The array of frames we offer means that you can usually find anything to fit your taste, whether it’s rustic, modern, or anywhere in between. Plus, you can always use paint or distressing tactics to dress it up the way you want.

Wall decorated with different wicker handmade trays and baskets. Eco style and concept, Moroccan culture.

Basket Wall Decor

If you like unconventional looks, you might want to explore this Boho trend. The Bohemian style is carefree, creative, and ultimately eclectic, so you have plenty of room to play. One idea that’s managed to catch on is the basket wall, which refers to a collection of baskets artfully arranged and hung on a wall. While simple in terms of concept, there are a lot of interpretations of what a basket wall can be, so much so that it would be tough to scroll through home decor ideas and not stumble upon a radically new take on a relatively old idea.

Unlike standard wall decor, baskets offer a three-dimensional contrast that can provide a visual pop in nearly any room. We recommend looking for a wide variety of styles and textures. Of course, be on the hunt for different colors too, but you can always spray paint what you find to match your vision. If you’re not quite sure where to start, you can either group the baskets around a focal point, like a mirror, or arrange them in a triangle shape to see how they look with the rest of your furnishings.

Interior background of living room with wooden side table and vases with plants over white 3d rendering

Use a Nightstand as an End Table

A nightstand as an end table is not only clever (giving guests a bit of an aha moment), it’s also practical. Because nightstands are similar in terms of size and shape to end tables, you won’t sacrifice any of your space in a living or family room. Plus, they typically come with storage functionality, which can be great if you’re trying to declutter the room. Keep anything from remotes to old magazines in the drawers, and stack hardcovers in open storage for an extra decorative element.

Plus, at Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, you might be able to find a better selection of nightstands than end tables. At the very least, it will expand your options, making it easier to find the design you’re really looking for.

vinyl records set, LP collection on white background

Start a Collection

Whether it’s old mugs, decorative jars, or antique spoons, a collection can make for some truly captivating DIY home decor. For example, you can build a shelving unit with spaces for mugs from every state in the country or for painted jugs in various shapes and sizes.

Collections give people the thrill of the hunt, which can make any shopping experience so much more satisfying. However, it’s important to pick a low-budget idea that will make it possible to keep the collection going long after you first get started. We’ve seen plenty of people get a spark of inspiration when they’re shopping our shelves.

European and chinese antique vase on wooden table

Swap Flower Pots for Old Vases

Similar to our nightstand idea, a vase as a flower pot is a nifty trick and a departure from the norm. If you’re tired of having to replace flowers in vases, give them the nutrients they need to keep around for a lot longer. The best part about this idea is that there are some really beautiful vases out there that are just looking for a second life.

Cabinet mockup in modern empty room,white wall, 3d rendering

Paint a Console Table

If your living room is looking a little on the drab side, a bright statement piece can make all the difference. If you find an old console table or happen to have one sitting in an attic or basement, you can give it plenty of personality with little more than a coat of paint and a few accessories (e.g., flowers, picture frames, etc.). Or if you have old wallpaper lying around, you can potentially wrap the table in an interesting design. Equally at home in a foyer as it is in the dining or living room, this is one affordable option that can really makeover a room.

Another big trend these days is painting half of a piece of furniture, something that is both bold and visually eye-catching. The idea can really be applied to most pieces of furniture, whether they’re chairs, tables, etc. Paint the bottom half and leave the top half as-is for a bit of unexpected art in the room.

Use Fabric to Cover a Shoe Cubby

Shoe cubbies are undeniably practical, but they don’t always look great. If you have one that’s table height (or you want to build one of your own), you can then drape the front with curtains or other fabric so it looks like a skirted table. All you have to do is peel back the disguise to get to your shoes. At Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, we love to see people get creative with what we have in stock. For instance, you might want to make your shoe cubby cover from old T-shirts in our clothing section.

Shop at Thrift Stores

Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley has been helping families and individuals from all backgrounds change their home decor without having to break the bank. All of our donations are items that are perfectly functional, even if it means thinking outside the box in order to use them. No matter what your personal style looks like, these are simple crafts that can be done by beginners. Start at one of our locations to get your next project started.