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Fall Home Decor Trends We’re Loving  

September 13, 2022

Home decor trends ebb and flow from season to season, but no time of year is more exciting for avid home decorators than fall. After a summer of fun, most people are ready to cozy up inside their homes for a festive fall, and that means that they want to have their houses decorated accordingly.

Whether you are a pumpkin-loving person or someone who likes to incorporate acorns, sunflowers and pine cones into your motifs, you’ll find that these trends for 2022 fall home decor can be personalized to suit your style.

When Should You Start Fall Decorations?

There are two timelines to consider when you are planning your home decor for the fall: What time to start purchasing and preparing your fall home decor items, and what time to start placing them throughout your home.

When it comes to purchasing and planning your fall decor, you may find that you need to start surprisingly early. Many of the big box stores start unloading their fall merchandise in the earliest months of summer — sometimes even before the Fourth of July fireworks have finished! However, at thrift stores, you will start to see fall decor items in the later months of the summer, typically by late August and early September.

As far as decorating your home for fall, the timeline is a lot more fluid and depends on your personal preferences. There are some people who are ready to ditch their summery lemon motifs by late August and hop right into pumpkin spice latte season.

Others prefer to wait until the official start of fall at the end of September. Even still, there are some fall purists who feel the season doesn’t start in earnest until October arrives. The bottom line is that you can choose when you want to celebrate fall within your home.

How to Make Your House Look Cozy

Fall is a season of comfort, and many people look to transform their homes into a cozy space for cuddling in September, October and November. These tips will help you make your house look cozy this fall:

  • Add candles and other light features to your decor. A fall-scented candle will not only ignite the senses, but it also will create a romantic, cozy atmosphere inside your home. Fireplaces, fire pits, flameless candles and other secondary light features can have the same effect.
  • Know that there is no such thing as too many pillows and blankets. Not only will these be functional additions to your home, but they also can add pops of color and touches of texture to your fall decor.
  • Extend your fall home decor into your outdoor living spaces. You can create an inviting porch scape using fall garland, mums, pumpkins and hay bales. In your backyard, consider using a fire pit to gather everyone together on those chilly evenings.

Fall Home Decor Trends for 2022

For the most part, when it comes to fall decor, you can count on classic elements to stand the test of time year after year. Colored fall leaves, pumpkin-scented candles and ripe red apples will always find a place in your home during the fall season, but these trends will help you modernize your fall theme for 2022.

Go Neutral With Your Fall Home Decor

A few years ago, fall was all about burnt oranges, chocolate browns and cranberry reds. Just a season or two ago, it seemed like fall was the best time of year to add black gingham checked to your home decor. In 2022, the color of fall is no color at all. Neutral tones, such as taupe, cream, off-white and buttercup are reigning supreme this year.

The best part about this muted fall trend is that it allows you to add fun pops of color to your accent decor. With neutral tones, you will find it easy to update your year-round decor with hints of fall, all while giving yourself the freedom and flexibility to play with additional design elements that may be brighter or more vibrant.

Add a Homelike Touch to Your Front Porch Decor

This year, fall home decor is all about bringing the comfort of being indoors into your outdoor living areas. It’s not uncommon to create a front porch design that includes plenty of pumpkins, a few corn stalks, garland and a “Happy Fall Y’all” sign, but your front porch is more than just a place to enter your home.

It’s a space where you can rest, relax and mingle with your neighbors. As such, your fall decor plan should include plenty of supportive elements to create a welcoming space on your porch. Pile your porch high with pillows and blankets that add a touch of fall color and a lot of comfort.

Sunflowers are the New Pumpkins in Fall 2022

Everyone’s favorite fall gourd has long been the pumpkin, and it’s certainly not going to disappear from anyone’s fall style anytime soon. However, the towering sunflower may eclipse the pumpkin that grows along the vines in fall 2022. It seems that these bright, cheery flowers are popping up everywhere, and many are finding that they add a fresh, natural touch to their fall decor designs.

Wreaths are the Focal Piece to Incorporate Into Your Fall Decor

If you are looking to add any type of accent to your fall decor this year, your first choice should be a fall wreath. Fall wreaths are a versatile choice because they come in so many different shapes and styles. From wreaths created from sprays of wheat to those that are made with tiny gourds, there are fall wreaths that will complement any fall decor theme. You can use a fall wreath to complete your front door look, or you can hang it above the fireplace for the perfect anchor in the most important room in your home.

Don’t Be Afraid to DIY This Season

Rather than purchasing brand-new items at home decor stores that may be out of style by next year, you can choose to DIY most of your fall home decor. Some of the best items to DIY include wreaths, centerpieces, wall accents and candleholders.

By creating your own fall decor, you are giving yourself the ability to customize your fall displays and design a look that suits your personal style. The best part is, no one else will have a home that looks just like yours this season, and you will get to enjoy the process of making the pieces that will take center stage in your home.

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