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Goodwill Date Night Challenge

February 14, 2019

Goodwill Date Night Challenge

Whether you plan to go see the latest romantic comedy, snag reservations to your favorite restaurant, or treat yourselves to a wine and paint night, you always aim to dress to impress on Valentine’s Day with bae. Finding that special outfit to really WOW your significant other doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your date night budget for a sense of style. How, you ask? With the Goodwill Date Night Challenge, we tasked couple Zoey and Eyan to create their V-Day looks using head-to-toe Goodwill finds, with only a budget of $25. Challenge accepted!

Before sending them out to the racks, we wanted to know a little more about their style profile. Depending on what the night has in store for the couple, Zoey usually prefers to pair knit dresses with short-heeled booties or a dressier blouse with a pair of dark wash jeans. While she’s always game for a romantic night out on the town, she’s a real homebody at heart with her ideal date night consisting of ordering take out and enjoying a quiet dinner together at home.

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Eyan feels most confident and comfortable in jeans with an athleisure hoodie under a bold statement piece like a bomber jacket. His ideal date night would most definitely involve a seafood restaurant and heading to the movie theater.

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For their first look, the couple agreed to go a bit more casual. Zoey found an off-the-shoulder black shift dress and tossed on some strappy taupe heels with a matching shoulder bag. She loved the potential versatility of the dress as it could easily be dressed up or down depending on the amount of accessorizing. A simple grey polo with a pop of yellow stripes grabbed Eyan’s attention as he decided to pair it with a neutral khaki pant and grey shoes.

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With full hearts and carts, the couple couldn’t decide on just one outfit and decided to try another look for another night! For the second option, Zoey instantly fell in love with a flowy blush jumpsuit with halter straps and paired it with a matching quilted leather clutch. Eyan completed his look with a light colored hooded tee and made a statement with a pair of dark blue fitted chinos. They were both surprised to find that each of their looks rang in under $20 and complimented their personalities so well.

date night fashion man and woman

With fabulous finds like these, why not make Goodwill a new date night tradition?! Better yet, we suggest flipping the script to have each partner pull together looks for the other person. The results will either show how much you truly know each other, or could have a hilariously funny outcome for laughs and memories to last a lifetime. What will you find today?