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Halloween Door Decorations | 10 Creative Ideas Using Thrift Store Items

October 11, 2021

When it comes to creating a spooky entrance to the home or a fabulously fall look, it’s all about creativity. Halloween is the perfect time to be crafty and to use old or even worn items to create a unique decoration for your home. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or just want the front of your home to look festive for trick-or-treaters, consider a few crafts. Specifically, consider these ideas for Halloween door decorations. You may have a lot of fun pulling these looks off from the items you find at Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley. We’re happy to help make your Halloween fun!

#1: Take Over the Door with a Monster Look

It may be a bit easier than you realize to transform your front door into a fun Halloween look. Find an old, green blanket from your local Goodwill. Cover the door in it – keep it as thin as possible. Then, use paper to create the shape of a Frankenstein-like monster and stick it to the door. You can also use crafting items, such as materials or felt to help you cut out the look. Do the same thing with an orange blanket instead to create a pumpkin.

#2: Use Netting to Create a Spider Web

Another idea isn’t for those with arachnophobia. Find some old netting to create a web that stretches from one corner of the door to the other. Use fabric or an old stuffed, black animal to shape a spider. Place that spider right on top of the web you’ve created. You can always add a few pieces of string or yarn that hang from the web to create a realistic look. This is an easy way to transform your door into something frightening without much effort. 

#3: Use Old Picture Frames

Find an image or two online of an old-style photo, one that makes you feel like the eyes are following you everywhere you go. Print it in black and white to create a vintage look. Then, pick up a broken or discolored picture frame. Remove the glass and place the photo you’ve taken in it. Add some dirt to make it look worn. It’s the perfect start to a haunted house you may be creating in your home and it is sure to make people question exactly what is happening within it.

#4: Create a Festive Wreath

Perhaps you are not so into the spookiness of the holiday and you want to celebrate all of the fun things that come from fall. You can do that with a beautiful wreath. Sometimes you can find wreaths already in the store ready to go, but they tend to be green and quite Christmas-like. To make it more fall-themed, spray paint it orange or yellow. You could even add in some pine cones. Lastly, find some ribbon or a few pieces of a scarf in the right color to create a bow in the middle. It is a simple and yet quite festive holiday look.

#5: Witches Feet Make the Look

Find a basket or a planter to place near the front door. You’ll need some type of moss or items to place on top to cover the surface. Then, find a fun pair of kid’s leggings – the brighter or more purple and patterned the pants are, the better. Fill these with scrunched up newspaper to make them look stiff. Then, attach shoes to them – an old pair of boots work well. The waist of the pants goes into the basket or planter with the legs seeming to flare in the air. That’s spooky!

#6: Repurpose a Large Platter into an Eye

For something a bit more sinister, find a round platter that is paintable. You may also find and use a piece of thin wood for this project. Paint it completely white. Then, use a bit of skill to create an eyeball look right in the center. Place it on the center of the door. To make it more gruesome, add a few red lines running through it to create the look of a scary eye. With attention to the detail of the iris in the eye, you can create a very realistic look for your home.

#7: Add a Broom or Two

Finding an old straw broom at Goodwill may be hard to do in some cases, but other times, it’s easy. Look for those that have a straw bottom that’s wide and has a long handle. Paint it black if you want or leave it brown to allow it to contrast with the door. It’s best to keep it simple and authentic looking. Then, attach it to the door to create the look of a witch’s broom. Add a few if you think there is more than one witch living in your home!

#8: Wrap the Door Like a Mummy

The project doesn’t require much time or money. All you have to do is find white sheets that you can cut into long, thin strips. Wrap them one by one, layer by layer, on the door to make it look like a mummy. Then, add a few eyes and a mouth (as simple, fun, or spooky as you want) on top. Use black cloth to do this to create a fun look. It’s a fun way to transform a door for a decorating contest, too!

#9: Create a Bat Frame

Purchase an old picture frame – it doesn’t need to have the glass intact. Choose something that looks like it would be in a horror flick. You can always spray paint it gold or black. Then, use thicker card stock to cut out the images of bats. Create those that are larger and a few that are smaller in size. Place the largest few on the outside of the frame, with a few surrounding it. Then, add a few smaller ones inside the frame, so they look like they are coming out of a vortex. As they approach the edges of the frame, they’re larger. For college dorms, this can be a lot of fun.

#10: Use Electronics to Create a Fabulous Display

Purchase a tablecloth or other white covering for the door. That’s the screen for your spooky movie projections. You can often find electronics like movie projectors or video cameras available at Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, though it may take a bit of hunting to find just what you need. Record a spooky video or you can often find them already available online. Just download them and upload them to your projector to keep the look going. Play it on a continuous loop to help you always have a scary scene that’s changing on your door. It could be a spooky pumpkin, an old, scary person, or even a mummy playing. It creates a very realistic look for very little.

You never know what is going to be available when you visit Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, especially when it comes to a fun project like this. Visit your local Goodwill to get inspired with ideas today!