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Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Home  

November 14, 2022

Making it unique and individualized is part of the fun of putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. It shouldn’t look like everyone else’s because you have your own style. People get stuck in that rut of using the traditional Xmas balls, garlands, and lights.

This can be the year you dazzle the neighbors with a tree that tells them who you are and how you celebrate the holidays. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Consider some ways to create DIY decorations for your tree and how you can include some fabulous finds from Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley.

Start With the Tree Color

One thing artificial trees did was to introduce different colors onto the market. Today, a modern home can have a silver, white, gold, blue, pink, or even a black tree. If that sounds like your home, let the color of your tree guide your decorating choices.

Go Rainbow

At Goodwill, we suggest you focus on color themes that match your tree, whether you have a metallic version or the classic evergreen. A theme doesn’t have to mean you choose just one or two colors; you could go with a color style, like the rainbow. That gives you more choices when it comes time to decorate. A rainbow design also allows you to step away from conventional Christmas balls.

Instead, shop our toy section and look for something you can tie a colorful ribbon around and hang, like small stuffed animals. You could even tack on mittens and tiny hats to give it a winter feel. Just look for the colors of the rainbow.

Use ribbons on your decorations if you struggle to find colorful things to hang. Either way, you’ll end up with a bright, attention-grabbing tree.

Go Muted

If glam is more your style, consider a muted color theme. The rule of thumb for metallic trees is to choose complementary colors. For instance, if your tree is silver, you might want a pink and blue theme. If your tree is white, choose colors that pop, such as red or black.

What About Flocked Trees?

A flocked tree has white brushed on the leaves to make it look like there is snow. Flocked trees look great with a more neutral color theme, so you don’t take away from that snowy effect. On the other hand, you might go with metallic tones for a chic style. Copper, white, and earth tones make these trees shine.

Think Outside the Box When Choosing Ornaments

Don’t be afraid the think out of the box when choosing things to put on your tree. That makes shopping at Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley for Christmas decor so much fun. If it is lightweight enough to hang on a piece of ribbon, then why can’t it go on your tree?

That opens up a world of possibilities for the savvy thrift store shopper. Here are some things readily available at the store that could make your tree different in a good way:

  • Kids’ toys – Consider building blocks, feather boas, beads, and balls. It should work if it is made of plastic, felt, or shiny. Let the kids use snap-together blocks to create Christmas shapes, too
  • Pet toys – Don’t stop in the kid’s section. Pet toys are fair game, too, like balls, dangling cat toys, and feathers.
  • Craft items – Look for felt or construction paper sheets, styrofoam balls and cones you can decorate, and fuzzy balls and beads. Those rustic burlap ribbons are an excellent find for the tree. Ribbon works well for hanging ornaments, garlands, or bows.
  • Jewelry – Vintage jewelry adds sophistication to the tree. Beaded necklaces, lockets, and cameos add a touch of class.
  • Scarves – Knot scarves together to use as a drape instead of garland.
  • Non-breakable knickknacks – Small figurines and wood pieces work well. Also, look for small fabric or paper boxes. You can glue them or put something Christmasy inside as a hidden surprise.

You might have to use your imagination when shopping for hidden treasures. Imagine what it might look like hanging on a tree or painted in a different color.

Don’t Forget to Check the Holiday Section

If all that sounds a little too bombastic for your taste, then Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley also has a well-stocked holiday decor section. You’ll find everything from ornaments to Christmas balls, garlands, and lights. You might even score a tree skirt or snowman to put around the tree.

What is the Correct Order To Decorate A Christmas Tree?

Now that you’ve mapped out a color theme and found the ornaments and other items, all that’s left is to decorate. What is the right way to do it, though? Here are some tips:

  • Put the lights on first. It is always a good idea to plug the lights in before putting them on the tree to ensure they work. That way, you can replace them if necessary. Start at the tree’s base and work up when wrapping the lights around the branches. The goal is illumination, so tuck them in and hide them by fluffing up the branches.
  • Add the garland or other drape. You might use beads, ribbons, feather wraps, or scarves. Start at the top of the tree and work down—figure 12 feet of drape at least for the standard tree.
  • Hang the ornaments starting at the top of the tree and going down. Make sure to step back occasionally to see that you are creating a cohesive look as you go. It is good to start with oversized ornaments and then fill spaces with smaller pieces.
  • Take a picture of the tree. You’ll want to remember it for years to come.

Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley has lots of inventory on hand that will make your tree sparkle. Check us out online or in one of our stores today.