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Cute Winter Outfits | Discover the Seasons Coolest Styles

October 25, 2021

With temperatures falling, it’s easy to see the need for a few new pieces in your wardrobe. Winter clothing does not have to be boring or dull. It can be comfortable, stylish and warm at the same time. With so many options available today, it doesn’t take so much time to find just what you need to pull off these looks right here at Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley.

Whether you are looking for cute winter outfits you are piecing together yourself or you want to find a few casual pieces to put into a closet that are staples, you are sure to find items here that are a must-have. Take a closer look at some of these suggestions for this year’s coolest styles.

What’s Warming Up In Fashion

If you’re a young, hip girl looking for a few fun new looks to add to your closet this year, think big, comfortable sweaters. A big sweater, leggings, and boots may be the look of the winter season this year for high school students. If you want to dress it up a bit, wear a longer sweater, a pair of curvy, high-waisted jeans, and a fun t-shirt under the sweater. Pair it with a suede bag to complete the look.

young girls in fashionable outfits sitting on bleachers

Don’t forget the hat and gloves. A big poof on the top of your beanie is sure to keep your head warm and your look as trendy as possible. Warm gloves are not just sensible, but a fashion must this year. A big bag completes the look along with a thick, soft scarf to wrap around your face to keep the chill out. Skip the bulky puffer coat and instead just wear a warm long-sleeved shirt you love.

It’s still time to make your personality shine. If you are searching for a look that turns heads, go for the brightly colored tops. If you are interested in a look that’s going to express your views, those personalized tees are still in.

Teenage girls are sure to find a way to mix things up, too. Trend away from the matchy-match look. Instead, focus on bringing patterns, colors, and themes together that are very different. It’s a good way to show expression and to add interest to your look. Check out all of the Goodwill tees from the 90s for bands you love or scoop up plaid for an oversized, super comfortable look you know you can rock even on days when you need to look your best but want to be comfortable.

Amplify Your Baddie Look

Start with turning your crop top-summer look into a baddie look that’s perfectly suited for the colder months. To pull this off, consider replacing those cropped tops with small sweaters that show off your curves and help you feel confident.

You can also find a wide range of high-waisted jeans (and everything else) to complete this look. It’s all about keeping it chill and wearing clothing that you love. Of course, hug those curves as much as you want and complete your look with lashes and perfectly shaped brows. You’ll pull off the baddie look in no time.

Trendy Women’s Wear for the Office

If you are planning to dress the part for work and you want to stay warm in that office space there are a few key things to do. First, don’t feel obligated to wear clothes that you aren’t comfortable in. Wear what helps you feel powerful in the office, but doesn’t make you rush home and strip into some sweats. 

Let’s start with the slacks. Whether you are going for a pair of nice dress pants or a long skirt, there are a lot of looks to love here. Women are wearing more form-fitting slacks in the workplace. The difference here is that you want to up your game a bit when it comes to quality and thickness. Buy a better quality of pants to give you the shape and fit you desire and still offer a bit more texture and warmth for the winter months.

woman walking in a street wearing business casual outfit

Browns, black, and bright hues are trendy this year. That long, pink coat that hits your knees is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. You may want a beautiful cashmere sweater or two to have on hand for your look. Another fabulous trend is in oversized casual wear. Think about a sweater that hangs from your body in all of the right places. While the white and black or brown and white look is a must this season, don’t be afraid to mix it up with a pop of color or clothing that’s a bit more oversized than you’re used to.

Winter Clothes for Trendy Men

Men will find a few changes to their trends this season as well. Perhaps the most important piece for men is the jacket. This year, it is still trendy to wear a leather bomber jacket, perhaps the most distinguishable of winter jackets for men. On the other hand, finding a modern fit overcoat may work well especially if you spend a lot of your time dressed in suits and ties during the day.

For casual wear, men will find it’s trendy to wear a long-sleeved sweater and a pair of comfortable jeans. The sweater vest may be the right look for a nice dinner out, but men shouldn’t be afraid to wear color this year. From a vibrant hue of pink or a deep, rich blue, it is all about bringing a luxury look to life. Plaid, quarter-zipped shirts, and rolled-up sleeves can help to complete this look.

Portrait of attractive self-assured with beaming shiny smile haircut with long furfur wearing casual classic color of mustard sweater macho man standing with folded arms isolated on gray background

Tips for Plus Size

Both men and women want to look good no matter what their size.  Going out and looking your best can sometimes feel difficult for those who wear larger sizes, though. Adding bulk tends to make it harder to feel comfortable. For plus size needs, consider a few tips.

  • Go with a long shirt or cardigan. Keep it open in the middle and let it come down past your hips. For men, keep that plaid shirt unbuttoned with a t-shirt under it.
  • Go with simple layers. For example, wearing your favorite jeans or leggings, add a t-shirt on top that comes down past the hips. Then, add a sweater over it that’s thin with beautiful detailing.
  • The sweater vest that opens in the center is the perfect choice for both men and women who want to look fabulous and stay warm.
  • Add length when you have a pear-shaped body. For example, a long, tight skirt offers ample length to your look while helping to draw the eye up and down.
  • Avoid the baggy look. Instead, choose clothing that is better fitting to show off your curves a bit more.

Being you is the most important part of this winter season. For that reason, visit Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley to find the looks and pieces that you can love without limiting yourself to just what’s trendy. The good news is you’ll find something here for any look.