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Romantic (and Affordable) Valentine’s Days Dates Ideas You Can Plan at Goodwill  

January 12, 2022

A romantic and unforgettable Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The time you spend enjoying each other’s company is more important than how much you spend on the night.

At Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, you can find all sorts of resources to plan a spectacular night. With your money going further, you can take your Valentine’s Day date ideas to the next level. You don’t even have to just choose one!

Enjoy a Date at a Local Landmark

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been there 100 times, visiting a local area can be a great way to spend the day with your significant other. You can create a new great memory and have a place to remind you of your relationship.

Have a picnic at a park, take a leisurely walk along Monocacy River or visit a nearby historical location. You can learn more about local history and one another. Take a look at the weather for the day and visit Goodwill to get everything to be comfortable for the day. Remember to pack outerwear just in case it gets cold. Have a picnic? Find a soft blanket and a bag or basket to pack your food.

Get Out and Get Active Together

Physical activity and sports can be wonderful ways to bond. At Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, we have a large variety of athletic wear and equipment. You can find what you need for virtually any activity.

Have you wanted to try yoga, hiking, biking or something else? Well, this Valentine’s Day is an opportune place to start. Come in and find everything you need. We offer quality items for an affordable price.

You can also worry less about spending tons of money on an activity you’re unsure you will stick with. Worst case scenario, you can always donate your items back and let someone else find something they love.

Prepare for a Fabulous Photoshoot You Can Share on Social Media

Plan a date that keeps on giving. You can grace your friends and family’s social media feeds with an adorable couple of pictures. Decide on the setting, make a plan and get some props. Great pictures can be taken anywhere; the theme and setting are up to you. Once you have a theme, get a photographer or utilize your phone’s camera timer. Finally, have a game plan for props and wardrobe.

Elegant or casual, you can pick multiple outfits to match. Arrange to have a few different pieces to get as many pictures out of your day as possible. Suddenly you have photos for holiday cards and announcements throughout the year. If you don’t take pictures often, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some more!

Get Everything You Need for Game Night In

You are sure to find nostalgia-evoking games when you visit one of our locations. Grab one of many games to have the ultimate date night experience. From vintage board games to recent releases, there is a wide variety available at Goodwill of Monocacy Valley Industries stores.

Face off against each other, or invite other couples and demonstrate your teamwork. You can also find serving bowls, plates and platters for snacks and other refreshments. Find some comfortable pajamas to relax as you enjoy a peaceful game night indoors. Or, if you prefer having your night outdoors, bundle up and get warm for a game night under the stars.

Embrace Your Competitive Sides With Some Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Try thinking outside of the box for a non-conventional date idea. Create a fun challenge for you and your significant other by setting up rules for a game that takes place in a Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley store.

One idea is an outfit challenge. Set an amount of time, number of outfits and a price limit. The goal, then, is to pick out different outfits for each other. Raise the stakes by wearing one of the outfits out for a night of dinner or dancing.

A Couple That Creates Together Stays Together

Flex your creativity and take on an art project together. Visit our stores to find materials. Repurpose clothes, shoes and other accessories to make a distinctive canvas for your masterpiece. You can also use other objects like old paintings, vases or any other items you come across on your shopping trip.

Collaborate on one art piece or work separately on your own canvas, sharing your ideas and company. Experiment with a variety of mediums and techniques, taking the night to express your artistic nature.

Get a Head Start on Your Couples Halloween Costumes

Who doesn’t love cute couples costumes? Whether you are planning on posting pictures online or arriving at a party in style this Halloween, why not get started on a costume set that will blow everyone away. Don’t wait until Halloween to brainstorm.

Budget some time this Valentine’s Day to think of what you’ll do this year. Have more than one event you are used to going to in October? Have a different creative costume for each one. Base one on characters from your favorite movie, or turn a pun into a costume.

With enough time to plan and shop before the trick-or-treating holiday, you will have a well-put-together and entirely unique costume — all for an affordable price!

Express Your Romantic Side Throughout the Year

When it comes to expressing your appreciation for one another through gifts, why stop at just Valentine’s Day? Another question is, why overspend?

At Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, we have all of the supplies for personalized gifts from the heart all year round. For birthdays, Christmas or “just because,” you can find gifts to give as is or the craft gift like no other.

A great idea for new couples can be to plan a year-long gift where your partner has to piece together the clues. Maybe as a Christmas surprise, you reveal that the final gift is a ski trip after you’ve been gifting snow gear all year long. This can be a great way to express the sentiment of longevity for new couples.

Create Cute Gifts From ”Us”

Do loved ones have birthdays or special events coming up, or do you want to get started on holiday gifts? Making gifts for others can be a good practice of collaboration, generosity and planning ahead.

You can spend some quality time together while doing something for others. Alternatively, you can spend the day putting together care packages with essential items people in need require and spend some time paying kindness forward.

Explore New Hobbies That Are Perfect for New Couples

With so many items available at one of our Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley locations, you are likely to stumble across something new. You and your significant other might just find the new passion you share.

From a book on crocheting to an ice cream maker, the beginning of your new hobby is a visit away. For affordable options that are only limited by the capacity of your imagination, you can plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date ideas — or any holiday or occasion — right at Goodwill! Visit one of our stores or visit our website to learn more.