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St. Patrick’s Day Decorations and Shirt Ideas  

February 16, 2022

If you want to celebrate the power of green this St. Patrick’s Day, Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley can help. The Luck of the Irish isn’t based on how much money you spend. Add some fun to your celebration by treasure hunting online or at one of our friendly store locations. We can get you started with some ideas for St. Patrick’s Day decorations and shirts that celebrate the green in you.

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Green Up a White Shirt

One thing you will almost always find at Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley is a simple white shirt. It might be a t-shirt or a button-down. Whatever you choose, you can take your new shirt and green it up to celebrate St. Patrick Day.

Add a Shamrock or Two

Shamrocks are the symbol of the Luck of the Green. Put that to work for your celebration by sewing a shamrock onto your white shirt. There are a couple of ways to do this that will cost you very little.

Start with some green fabric. While you are shopping for your simple white shirt, look for other clothes or loose cloth that is green. It doesn’t have to be plain green. Look for fun patterns that will make your shamrock even more trendy.

Once you have your fabric, cut out some paper shamrocks to use as patterns. Make sure they are lucky ones with four leaves. You can make one big shamrock or smaller ones of different sizes.

Use your pattern to cut shamrocks out of the green fabric. Now, all you need do is sew the shamrocks onto your white shirt with some green thread.

Don’t be afraid to take your shamrock design further by adding glitter before or after you sew them onto the shirt. “Paint” some fabric glue onto your shamrock, and then sprinkle your favorite colored glitter.

Now, how about a funny saying to make your shirt stand out. “Kiss me I’m Irish” will get them talking. You can cut out fabric letters or use glitter to make them.

Go Sew-Less

If you are not thrilled about sewing, then use your patterns a different way. Attach your shamrock to your shirt with a piece of tape, and then decorate around it. Just make sure you outline it thoroughly.

You might use green fabric paint to outline the shamrock or apply glitter around it. Once you get your design in place, just remove the taped-on paper shamrock and see your brilliant work. The paint or glitter will leave an outline of the shamrock on the shirt.

Go All Green

While at the thrift shop, look for all things green, including material such as tablecloths. You can use them to make decorations for your home, notebooks, or t-shirts. Pin a green bow in your hair or add a pocket patch to your shirt.

Don’t Forget to Look for St. Patrick’s Day Clothing

You might also be able to find already decorated t-shirts while shopping with us. If you can’t find a shirt that celebrates the day, find something green to wear. It might save you a pinch or two.

Look over our jewelry, too. Stock up on all the green you can get. There may be ready-made patches for St. Patrick’s Day that you can sew or iron on, too. You can also find iron-on patches that are square. Just cut them into the shape you want before attaching them.

Backpacks and Bags Make Great Green Accessories

Add a little more green luck to your day with a decorated bag or backpack. If you can’t find one that is green, buy any color and decorate it. You can use many of the same techniques listed for shirts on anything made of fabric or canvas.

Oh, and don’t forget the hats. You can show your Irish pride on any hat. Just pin on a bow or tack on a shamrock.

Keep Your Green Undercover

Green socks, anyone? Maybe you want to surprise your friends and family with your green. Look through our collection of socks for something appropriate. If you can’t find anything green, buy any color and pin on a green bow, or add a green glitter shamrock. Then, when someone approaches you asking to see your green, you can surprise them.

Decorate Green for St. Paddy’s Day

If you are looking for something fun for the kids to celebrate, there are plenty of ways to decorate your home. An excellent place to start is with a mason jar or two. Mason jars make great decorating tools for any holiday.

To celebrate the Luck of the Irish, paint black around the bottom to look like a pot. Next, fill your pot with plenty of gold. You can use chocolate gold coins or make your own with paper and glitter.

Shop Around And Get Creative

Look through our housewares’ aisle to find items like mugs, plates, or fabric napkins that either already has St. Patrick’s Day themes or that might work well for a craft project.

Picture Frames

One thing we almost always have in abundance is picture frames. Pick up a few and paint them green.

Tack on a fabric or glitter shamrock in the corner and then use it to frame whatever you want. It might be a picture you take at your St. Patty’s Day party. You can give it to someone you love as a gift.

You could also draw a picture or print out your favorite Irish limerick or saying. Get creative when filing the frame. You could write out the word “Luck” with white glue and cover it with green and gold glitter to make a fun decoration to hang on your door or wall.

You can apply this same concept to many other houseware items. How about painting candlesticks green and adding some glitter? Maybe decorate an old plate and hang it on your wall to bring your Irish luck.

Give Old Canvases a Makeover

Another staple at most of our stores is old wall pictures. While you might not care much for the picture, you can treat it like a blank canvas.

Paint over whatever is on the canvas and make your own design. For example, you could paint it green and spell out a limerick with glitter. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Buy Some Holiday Decorations

If you don’t have time or the inclination to make decorations, then shop for some. You will likely find plenty of premade St. Patrick Day decorations at our stores. Some might even be handmade so that you can impress your friends.

Make this year the one you showcase your love of all things Irish. Check out Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley online or in-person to find the supplies you need for any holiday.