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Top Job Positions in Maryland Hiring Now  

November 22, 2021

With so many job positions open right now, people with little to no experience have access to new and exciting career opportunities. Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley wants you to know more about jobs in Maryland or DC that you’re most likely to find.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants turn chaos into order, and the satisfaction of organization can give anyone a little thrill. While the job title might not sound very exciting, the actual perks can be more than meets the eye. This position doesn’t require you to be 10 feet from your boss, but it will mean lots of communication so keep that in mind when you’re negotiating the hours of your work day.

IT Support

There are a variety of entry-level IT support positions available, with many requiring little more than the motivation to learn and specialize in select programs. These positions may run the gamut from answering internal questions to quality testing new software. Because IT problems can spring up anywhere and at any time, these positions are particularly recommended if you’re hoping for a swing shift or night shift.


Insurance and medical companies of every variety rely on standard billing and coding practices to keep their records straight. If you have no experience in this field, it can be a complex world to enter because it’s not always clear how to categorize events that often overlap. If you have an eye for detail though and feel confident about transcribing the information, this could be a great way to build your strengths.


Sales has evolved from door-to-door and retail, with many salespeople working purely through email, phone, video chat, text messaging, etc. These virtual communications don’t always allow for the same kind of nuance that in-person sales can, but it has presented new opportunities to connect with people who have become accustomed to doing everything online anyway. Whether you like meeting face-to-face or would prefer to reach out by phone, working in sales has many benefits.


Have you ever wanted to be the face of a company, design the colors of a product, or decide what kind of social media posts would best attract your target demographic? Marketing positions go in any number of directions, making them an excellent choice if you have a broad range of talents. Just keep in mind how you like to work before you start sending your resume. If you’re applying to a major company, it will mean collaborating with a big team. If you’re going for something smaller though, it might mean a bit more responsibility.


Accounting, trading, financial advising: these are just a few jobs that are available now in Baltimore. If you have any experience in bookkeeping or even if you just enjoy working with numbers, the possibilities run from CPA to entry-level bookkeeper. At Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, we can tell you that these jobs all come down to how well you can manage money. Similar to coding, it takes a lot of expertise to catalog it all.

Customer Service

Customer service positions do tend to see a lot of the same complaints and questions coming in day after day. However, it’s worth noting that every person gives you a chance to have a different kind of conversation. It can help strengthen your negotiation skills, increase creativity and expand on various de-escalation techniques.


Companies all over the world rely on web pages and blog content to keep their customers updated about what’s going on and how they can get involved. This content is also vital for keeping websites ranked high on search engines like Google. If you’ve ever wanted to put your verbal skills to good use, this is a position that doesn’t typically require a lot of collaboration.


Consultants are typically hired to provide an outside perspective. When companies and individuals are too close to their work, they may not be able to see how they can do it better. That’s why they rely on experts to spot the inefficiencies and recommend a few ways to streamline them. You can also consider being a life coach if you want a more generalized position.


Tutoring and more formal classes are all options for teachers these days. If you’re not interested in being a full-time teacher, you could fill in as a substitute teacher. Tutors are also in need. Some kids learn better with individual attention. As a tutor, you can help these students thrive in school and increase their confidence in the subject. Tutoring is also a relatively flexible job, where you work with the student during hours that you set.

Project Manager

A project manager will provide oversight when it comes to the projects and tasks within a company. They’re essentially there to make sure that everything is getting done accurately and according to schedule. If there are snags, they’re expected to strategize the best ways to keep the issues to a minimum. This is a huge undertaking, one that requires organizational and people skills.

Real Estate

50 years ago, there might have been a couple of pages of paperwork to sign for a real estate transaction. Today, all the necessary forms may look a lot more like a novel. From financial documents to contracts, real estate calls for professionals who are willing to learn both the state and federal details of property sales. If you’ve got a head for details and love spotting the anomalies within a deal, this could be a great career move.

Putting It All Together: How Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley Can Help

  • If you’re not quite sure where to start or want to improve your chances of getting hired, Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley is known for our career services in Maryland.
  • Free computer courses: Learn the computer basics and master programs like PowerPoint and Excel. We have industry-recognized credentials that can help people at any skill level (even advanced).
  • Prep work: Resume writing, interviews, and networking are all standard skills that you’ll need during your entire career. Let us help you position yourself so you’re that much more attractive to your favorite employer.
  • Community resources: Baltimore is brimming with possibilities, and new opportunities are arising all the time. From job fairs to skill assessments, we can connect you with professionals who can help you get ahead.

It’s not easy to navigate all the job possibilities today, but it can be done with a little extra help. Contact us today to get the edge you need to get the salary and benefits you deserve.